Surprising New Tinder Feature Makes A Very Different Kind Of 'Match' When You Swipe Right

Be still our hearts.

Forget long nights spent at home searching for that perfect dinner date — Tinder is now matching people with presidential candidates. 

The dating app announced on its blog last week that it would be prompting users with a "swipe the vote" poll that lets them see how their values match up with those of the candidates remaining in the race.


Tinder launched the campaign in conjunction with Rock the Vote, an organization committed to getting young people involved in the democratic process.

Once a user elects to take the 10 question poll, they are asked to swipe left and right in response to a series of policy questions, eliminating potential candidates along the way.
When they finish, Tinder reveals the presidential candidate they "matched" with in a results screen that mirrors what lovebirds see when they indicate they'd like to get to know each other a little better.
After a week of swiping, the dating app released some of the earliest results from the campaign. Bernie Sanders came out slightly ahead of Hillary Clinton, matching with 37.8 percent of the swipers. Sanders has a large contingent of young supporters, so his .2 percent lead on Tinder — where 83 percent of users are 16-34 years old — isn't so surprising. 

Ted Cruz's victory in the app's Republican race was much more pronounced, winning over 14.3 percent of swipers in comparison to Trump's 8.1 percent.

The campaign, which also includes a prompt for users to register to vote, will remain live throughout the election cycle, according to Tinder's company blog. 

"We should all at least be aware of the candidates and their views, and hopefully that will help people get out there and vote," Tinder CEO Sean Rad told BuzzFeed News.


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