Guys Tell What They Really Want To See On Your Tinder Profile

How do we feel about this, ladies?

Tinder has been out there for a little now, so naturally an appropriate Tinder etiquette developed with time. BuzzFeed Yellow sat down with a bunch of guys to talk about dos and don't when it comes ladies' profiles. 

"Sometimes we need a little advice from the opposite sex," the videos description on YouTube explains.

Very well put, folks.

OK, so let's start with tinder don'ts then.


"'Binging Netflix' ... cool. Tell me something that not everyone likes to do," one of the guys tells the camera.

Meaning, don't be too generic.

"About Kelsey: pizza, Netflix, coffee, music and puppies."

That was pretty self-explanatory ... and basic. Or so does the guy's expression suggest.

As the video reveals, guys seem to be pretty opinionated when it comes to photos, too — not too many selfies, no "sorority arms." 

But then what are the do's, boys? Tell us, tell us.

"If you can tell you are kind of witty and also a little bit sarcastic, that's usually a bate for me," another guy explains.

OK, OK. Sounds kind of legit. But there's so much more.

Watch the entire video below. There's some good stuff there.

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