After Tinder Date Didn't Go As Planned, This Guy Resorted To Completely Desperate Measures

Excuse you?!

First dates are hard to plan, especially if you met on one of those dating apps such as Tinder. 

You're not yet familiar with the other person's likes, dislikes, intentions, and, well, the atmosphere is just awkward in general. So in those few hours (or few minutes, depending on how patient you are), the date can literally turn around 360 degrees.

However, none of us would predict an ending like this ...

Islington, U.K.-based dating blogger Lauren Crouch, who is behind the brilliant Tumblr blog No Bad Dates, Just Good Stories, was justifiably shocked after one of her recent Tinder dates went to desperate measures when she refused to hang out with him again.


Crouch, who's been running her blog for about a year now, says she's been on all sorts of weird dates. But they can hardly compare to this one.

According to ABC News, Crouch's date one time accidentally texted her how he thought the date was going and another time she was kindly offered to "go around the corner or something."

But another guy's approach took it to a whole new level, even for her.

In her blog post, aptly titled "#OCADOANDCHILL," Crouch shared a story on her rendezvous with a man she met on Tinder. She also included screenshots of their mobile correspondence, as that's what matters here the most.

Crouch says she met with her Tinder match at a Tube station and went for coffee. After the date, he sent her the following message:

Crouch wasn't feeling the chemistry, so she politely declined, but the guy kept on insisting to meet again:

She tried her best to politely refuse:

And then, this happened:

Sad that the date didn't go as planned, her match demanded Crouch pays him back for the coffee he bought. Her comeback was epic:

But the guy was not having it and stuck to his absurd measures:

Crouch says she felt angry because she always offers to pay for herself and thinks all women should do that.

"Yes, you do decide yourself what to do with your money, and last night you decided to spend it on a coffee. I don't come with a money back guarantee. Dates aren't commodities," Crouch writes in her blog.

But as it later appeared, that wasn't the end of it!

Multiple women reached out to Crouch saying they think they've met the same guy and have been also urged to return money for their dates. In a following blog post, Crouch shares their stories, one of which includes the man threatening to come to the woman's office and "collect it in person."

The blogger ensures that she's not suggesting it is the same man, or that he's going to do anything illegal or dangerous. However, she makes a good point that if anyone ever feels as though they are being threatened, they should inform the police immediately.


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