11 Tinder Messages That Could Have Been Written By Shakespeare Himself

Such beauty. Such talent.

While some people call Tinder the dating apocalypse, we like to think of it a tad less dramatically. Tinder's a bit like McDonalds to us: a subjective sign of some brand of technological progress, but also probably the harbinger of our impending graceless doom. There's also a profound statement to be made about salty fries and salty scorned suiters, but we'll lay this metaphor to rest while we're ahead.

We've seen plenty of spectacular train wrecks on Tinder that make us question interacting with humans ever again, yet we're still on it for those moments people are so creatively ridiculous you need to applause. Here are some of those moments. Well done, internet.


1. It's great when people treat you like royalty.

2. Ambition is important.

3. As is inquisitiveness.

4. Impeccable timing.

5. Great segway.

6. The smoothest.

7. Poor Air Bud.

8. Well that escalated quickly.

9. Fire safety is important.

10. Party of one.

11. It's always good to confirm.


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