Tina Fey's Elmo Impression Is Enough To Make Anyone — Including Jimmy Fallon — Lose It

"There's a monster on the stairs!"

Apparently, one of Jimmy Fallon's favorite things about Tina Fey is her Robert De Niro impression — but for reasons you weren't expecting.

"Tina, I've known you a long time," the television host says at the start of a segment on "The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon." "And one of the main things I love about you is your impression of Robert De Niro. It is one of the worst impressions I've ever seen...[but] I just think it's really funny," he adds, laughing.

To which she responds, of course, with this:


But rather than end there, Fallon and Fey continue on in a game of "First Impressions." To put it simply, they take turns impersonating celebrities — chosen at random from a pile of cards.

And though they're not the best impressions we've ever seen (hello, Ariana Grande), Fallon's Morgan Freeman-inspired voice and Fey's Elmo impression are particularly spot on. 

Be sure to watch the full video below — we're pretty sure you'll get a good laugh, too.

(H/T: Cosmopolitan)


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