A Zoo’s Hippo Professed His Love To Another Across The Country, And Twitter Is Swooning

A fairy tale romance.

The San Antonio Zoo's Timothy the Hippo logged onto the zoo's Facebook account to publicly declare his love for world-famous hippopotamus, Fiona of the Cincinnati Zoo.  

After watching everyone else fall in love, Fiona finally has her moment! In his letter, Timothy let Fiona know that he thinks she's the most beautiful hippo in the world, and that he's a family man — a solid catch if you ask us. 


"Dear Fiona," Timothy started his love letter. "My name is Timothy. I recently moved out of my mom's house to San Antonio and currently live with my grandma, Uma who I love very much. My grandpa, Tumbo was a cover model for National Geographic magazine. Grandma says that's where I get my great looks." The bit about his grandpa was a nice touch, as it lets Fiona know Timothy is no stranger to fame and can manage sharing the spotlight. 

As you may already know, Fiona became the world's sweetheart early last year when she was born six weeks premature at only 29 pounds (the average baby hippo weighs 55-120 pounds). Despite her risky arrival, the tenacious little hippo is now a thriving, strong, 650-pound 1-year-old. Soon she'll be as big as her suitor, who is a year older and weighs 1,200 pounds.

"Anyhoo, I have seen your pictures and videos on the internet at the Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden and I think you are the most beautiful hippopotamus I have ever seen," Timothy told his lady love. "Perhaps we can meet someday and be boyfriend and girlfriend? I am single and available. I hope you #HippoSwipeRight." 

Of course, everyone's heart melted. Fans took to Twitter rooting for Tim and Fiona to make it happen.

It would be awesome if these two lovebirds (or "lovehippos," rather) hit it off, especially since the species is quite vulnerable to extinction. Hippos, which are the second largest land creatures after elephants, are endangered due to the rising number of hunters who seek the animal's ivory tusks and meat. Each year, hundreds of hippos are shot and killed. A whopping 95 percent of the population has been lost in The Democratic Republic of Congo.

So did our fair hippo swipe right on our dear Timothy? Well, sorta. Fiona responded the way any diva would — through her publicist.

"Fiona thinks you're cute too, but it's what's on the inside that counts," responded a rep from the Cincinnati Zoo via Twitter. "Your DNA will decide if you're the one for our little diva. Any potential mate would have to be ok w/ taking a back seat. Are you ok w/paparazzi? Most importantly, are you willing to relocate to Cincinnati?"

We wish these two the very best.

Cover image via mcherevan / Shutterstock.com

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We love a good celebrity romance. But this story's not about anyone in Hollywood — rather this love connection is happening in the animal kingdom. 


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