Time Magazine's Powerful Covers Capture What Being A Teacher In America Is Like

"I wish people understood exactly what it takes to make a classroom work."

Time magazine is putting teachers front and center in its latest September cover story entitled "I'm A Teacher In America." Over three separate magazine covers featuring different teachers, the magazine brings attention to the hardships facing teachers and the things they have to do to earn a livable wage.

The "I'm A Teacher In America" covers come after teachers have walked out in cities around the United States, including Oklahoma and Arizona, to due to low pay and reduced school resources.

Time introduced the cover stories on Instagram and explained the dire situation, "The country's roughly 3.2 million full-time public-school teachers (kindergarten through high school) are experiencing some of the worst wage stagnation of any profession, earning less on average, in inflation-­adjusted dollars, than they did in 1990."


The report continues that the pay gap between teachers and other comparably educated professionals is now the largest on record. Furthermore, there are budget cuts across 29 states which means less money is being spent on students.

Besides the walkouts, other teachers have shared their experiences online to bring much-needed attention to the issue. For instance, one brave teacher posted her salary online and talked about how much she spent to become a teacher compared to what she's making.

In Time's articles, we hear from three more teachers.

"My child and I share a bed in a small apartment, I spend $1,000 on supplies and I've been laid off three times due to budget cuts," states social studies teacher Rosa Jimenez's cover.

Unfortunately, it's a similar case for teacher Hope Brown. She earned a master's degree in secondary education two decades ago and became a history teacher. Now, she donates blood cell plasma twice a week and sells clothes at a consignment store in an effort to cover her car payment and electricity bill. On top of that, she has a second job at an arena and works at her Kentucky school from 5 a.m. to 4 p.m.

"I wish people understood exactly what it takes to make a classroom work," Brown told Time.

The article states that with the new school year and the forthcoming elections, many teachers are resuming their efforts from last year in an effort prevent further cuts and help make teaching a viable career where teachers are paid fairly and students can benefit from their support.

The 'I'm A Teacher In America' issue of Time will be available on newsstands on September 24 and you can read the full article here.

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Cover image via Drop of Light / Shutterstock.com.


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