17 Time-Lapse GIFs Will Give You A Startling New Perspective On The World

Fast forward.

1. With time-lapse photography, you can experience all four seasons with just one glance.


2. You can marvel at the sky as it moves from dusk to dawn.

3. You can watch a full solar eclipse in the blink of an eye.

4. Or experience the dizzying effect of Earth's rotation.

5. If it wasn't for time-lapse photography, you would have never seen storm clouds moving like this.

6. Nor could you imagine how a river changes its course over 28 years.

7. You probably wouldn't sit and wait for this strawberry to ripen.

8. Or witness this crazy mushroom spread its "skirt."

9. Even this rose would take a day to unfold.

10. Somehow, the gut-wrenching process of decay looks beautiful and artistic.

11. Even when it's truly shocking.

12. We'd probably never appreciate what a huge accomplishment braces actually are, and just how much they change our features.

13. Or understand how our faces look very different under different sorts of lighting.

14. The Taj Mahal, on the other hand, stays the same.

15. The beauty of time-lapse photography is that it enables you to travel back and forth in time.

16. And see the world from a new, mesmerizing perspective.

17. And even if it sometimes looks like somebody's pushing the "fast forward" button, time-lapse photography is a perfect way to stop and seize the moment you otherwise would've missed.

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