Tim McGraw Is Giving Away Mortgage-Free Homes To Veterans In Need — And It's Amazing

What a great human.

As if we needed more proof, Tim McGraw is holding strong as one of the sweetest humans.

For the fourth year in a row, the country star will partner with Chase and the 13-year-old Operation Homefront, a nonprofit that gives mortgage-fee homes to veterans in need. According to a 2014 report, the organization spent nearly $49 million dollars on programs, but were able to move 138 veterans into homes of their own. 

As much respect veterans seemingly get on American soil, they make up 12 percent of the adult U.S. homeless population. McGraw and Operation Homefront hope to change that by providing financial assistance to homeless or former soldiers in need of any kind of help. 

During McGraw's 2015 Shotgun Rider tour, Operation Homefront says that 36 homes will be donated — a total to be added to the singer's 108-home track record.

McGraw, whose sister is a veteran, explains in an NBC video why — other than a personal connection — the initiative is a huge help for vets in need. One reason being the struggles they face getting back into the swing of everyday life. 


"For them to have that opportunity, that sense of security that a home offers, is something that's special" he says.

“All families I've met through this process ... they're so thankful, so appreciative. To me, it should be the other way around.”

As one of the veterans interviewed in the video says, there are lots of places out there that want to help veterans. You just got to ask for help.

The impact of the initiative is clearly worth the effort. Former Marine Matthew Dowling can attest to this fact. 

"As a father, as a husband, [getting a home] lifted a weight, a stress, a burden that I wasn't quite sure if I was gonna figure out how to accomplish," he says.

Check out McGraw's full interview below:


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