Tim Kaine's College Roommate Just Posted A Revealing Tell-All About Him On Facebook

It's nice to know the people who know him best would trust him.

In the era of social media, it's possible to learn something intimate about a famous politician through a Facebook post.

Last week, that's exactly what happened. Charles Hirschhorn, the former college roommate of vice presidential candidate Tim Kaine, went on Facebook to share a few stories about his old friend.

Throughout the post, Hirschhorn interwove both the personal — "He's as confused by romance as everyone else" — and the political — "His nature is to find common ground." He told stories about Kaine cooking amazing BBQ dinners, courting his wife and pursuing political activism.

Over the course of the last few weeks, Americans have gotten to known Kaine on the national stage. In October, he had his first and only debate with Republican Vice Presidential nominee Mike Pence. While the two agreed on quite a bit, they also went in opposite directions frequently. Then last week, right around the time this Facebook post was made public, Kaine gave a historic all-Spanish stump speech in Arizona. Given to 360 people in Phoenix, the speech was called the first ever all-Spanish speech at an organized campaign event. 

At the end of his post, Hirschhorn remembered when his parents called him to ask about his new roommate. 

"Long distance calls were expensive, so my answer was short and to the point," he wrote. "My parents still call to ask questions about Tim. Voice plans now allow for unlimited talk, but my brief answer has never changed: 'He's the best person I have ever met.'"

You can read the full post below:



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