Sports Icons React To Tiger Woods' Remarkable Comeback

It's a redemption story everyone could get behind.

Tiger Woods is back.

The world's most famous golfer won the Masters on Sunday, the most prestigious tournament in the sport, after a tumultuous decade that left many thinking he'd never win a major tournament again. It was the first major he's won in over 10 years and his first Masters championship since 2005. But Woods' story was celebrated across the globe not just because he's once again the top golfer in the world, but because of what he went through to get there.


He climbed back to number one in 2013 only to fall out of the rankings again when he became plagued by back injuries. From 2014 to 2017, he had three back surgeries. He dropped outside the top 1,000 golf rankings and sports pundits began calling on him to "retire with dignity" as near-unanimous consensus was built that he would never be a successful golfer again.

But Woods had different plans. 

On Sunday, he had such a comfortable lead going into the final hole that he shot two-over par and still won the tournament by a stroke. As he came down the 18th hole, it was all but a formality: everyone knew what was going to come next. When he finally sunk the tournament-winning putt, Tiger embraced his son in an eerily similar fashion he hugged his late father after winning his first Masters 22 years ago.

With the win, Woods picked up his 15th major championship, just three shy of Jack Nicklaus' all-time record of 18. Talk is already bubbling up about whether Woods is back in the hunt to break the record, a conversation that seemed totally unfathomable just a year ago.

After Tiger's win, social media exploded with congratulatory posts. Several famous sports pundits said it was a comeback unlike anything they have ever seen, and a consensus quickly formed that the win was one of the greatest moments in sports history. One look at the Twitter feeds of all-time greats across the sporting world shows what an impact Woods' win had on them: Serena Williams, arguably the greatest tennis player of all-time, said she was "in tears." Tom Brady, arguably the greatest quarterback of all-time, had been following along all weekend. LeBron James, who some consider the greatest basketball player of this generation, said he was inspired. 

It was a well-earned love fest for Woods, who climbed from the basement of the golf world all the way back to number one when nobody else believed he could do it.

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