Tiffani Thiessen Explains The Importance Of Cooking As A Family While We Cook Up Something Delicious

Let's get cookin'.

Tiffani Thiessen — an actress, lifestyle expert, television host, and mother of two — says that cooking with your kids is one of the best bonding experiences you can have.

We caught up with Thiessen at The Kitchen Table in New York City, where the Dinner at Tiffani's host and former Saved by the Bell-star cooked up some rice-based dishes with the help of Uncle Ben's. In 2012, Uncle Ben's launched its Uncle Ben's for the Ben's Beginners program, a movement to help kids learn how to cook just like they would learn to read and write. Moreover, the aim is to motivate families to cook together, and has donated more than $700,000 to schools across the country.

"Research shows that children who cook and eat with their families tend to consume healthier foods, have healthier eating habits as adults, and have higher academic achievement," a press release from the company reads. This year, it's teamed up with the Thiessen for a cooking contest that will benefit both families and their communities. 

"My whole love of cooking started when I was little, and I would peer around the corner and see my mom, my aunt, and my grandmother all having fun in the kitchen, cooking," Thiessen tells us. "And I was like ... 'I want to do it with them.' And that's what's so great about the Uncle Ben's initiative." 

That said, watch us cook up Atticus's Hawaiian Rice, a dish inspired by the young 2015 Ben's Beginners winner, and talk about all things food with Thiessen in the full video above.


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