Jesse Tyler Ferguson Started A Company That Sends Gay Wedding Invites To The Supreme Court — And It's Awesome

Save the date!

The United States Supreme Court justices are about to get a whole lot of gay, lesbian, transgender and queer wedding invitations, all thanks to Jesse Tyler Ferguson, aka Mitchell from "Modern Family."

The court is still deciding if same-sex marriages should be ruled constitutional in all states, so the actor and gay rights activist began a movement to help make their decision a tad easier:

LGBT couples can go to the website, design a personalized wedding "Save The Date" and send to any Supreme Court justice of their choosing.  

Ferguson announced in a Reddit AMA that his bow tie company, Tie The Knot, launched the initiative to serve as a platform for LGBT activism as well as fundraising center. Proceeds from the bow ties sold go to LGBT rights initiatives and education

SupremeSaveTheDate is an extension of Tie The Knot's mission.

The hope is that the message will be heard loud and clear as the justices hear the Obergefell v. Hodges case: LBGT people want the right to get married.


So far, 311 invitations have been sent.

The site explains that they'll deliver the "Save The Dates" by June, when a decision from the Supreme Court on same-sex marriage is expected.

According to the Washington Post, the Supreme Court has dedicated the last few months to looking into two possible decisions regarding the same-sex marriage case:

"Whether the Constitution requires states to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples and, if not, whether states must recognize same-sex marriages performed in other states where they are legal."

Ferguson is hopeful they'll make a ruling in favor of marriage equality and even the President will sport his company's LGBT-friendly apparel.

"Maybe POTUS will wear [a bow tie] on decision day in June!" he wrote in a comment during his AMA.

If you're not LGBT or getting married, don't worry, Ferguson says there's lots of ways to help, starting with love. Also during his AMA, a "suburban soccer mom" asked him how she can help with marriage equality, even though the issue doesn't directly affect her. 

Naturally, his response rocked.

"You CAN relate to it BECAUSE you want rights for all! You can spread the word about accepting all people," he wrote. "I think the best way to support is thru love and acceptance. You can also buy Tie The Knot bow ties for your family and friends! :)"

Way to go, Mitchell! Er, Jesse! 


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