Here's How This Actor Is Doing His Part To Fight Against Sexual Assault And Harassment In Hollywood

"I can’t keep professionally operating from a place of fear."

One of the biggest contributions men made to Alyssa Milano's viral #MeToo social media campaign was one simple question: How can they do better? One actor, Griffin Newman from Amazon's The Tick, is just one man who figured out a way to do just that.


The hashtag spawned a discussion about women who face sexual assault and/or harassment in Hollywood — since it's on everyone's mind in the industry these days — and highlighted the sheer magnitude of the issue. It was also a way for women to let each other know they aren't alone, that they cannot be silenced (like they showed with Rose McGowan's #WomenBoycottTwitter protest), and kept the conversation going.

In the wake of all the Harvey Weinstein news, show business has been examining some other dark points in its past — most notably the one surrounding famed director Woody Allen. Allen has been a controversial figure in Hollywood since the early '90s when allegations of molestation first began when adopted daughter Dylan Farrow (whose mom is Mia Farrow) first accused him of sexual abuse. Since then, Allen has been a lightning rod in filmmaking, and he — and those who choose to star in his movies — have been under constant criticism.

Newman, who will have a small part in an upcoming Allen film — an untitled 2018 release starring the likes of Selena Gomez, Timothée Chalamet, Suki Waterhouse, Elle Fanning, Liev Schreiber, Jude Law, and Diego Luna — has regrets for joining the project. In a rather lengthy Twitter thread, Newman went into detail about why he joined the movie, how his feelings changed, and what he is doing to make things better.

After the initial bunch of tweets had stirred up social media, the 28-year-old wanted to issue a few clarifications on what he had previously said.

Then, when things had reached a limit for the young actor, he brought things to a close by turning the attention to a resource people can go to in order to make a difference: the largest anti-sexual violence organization in the U.S., RAINN (Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network) — the same place Newman promised to donate all the money he made from the Allen film.

So what can men do so that they, as a gender, can ultimately do better for women who are victims of sexual assault and sexual harassment? Either stand up for women before the fact or, like in Newman's case, at least acknowledge what is going on and do something to try and help exact real change.

(H/T: Vulture)

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