This Video Allows You To See Through The Eyes Of A Person With Autism For Just One Minute

"Can you make it to the end?"


April is National Autism Awareness Month, and organizations are highlighting the many amazing accomplishments people with autism make every day, but also the obstacles they face, and how we can help. 

According to National Institutes of Health, approximately one in 88 children in the United States is diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), and while it is easy to read about the disorder and its effects, it is difficult to  understand the day-to-day experience of a person with ASD. 

To help us visualize it, The National Autistic Society released a one-minute film shot from the perspective of a child with autism. In the video, we see the child's constant shifts of attention to different colors, shapes, patterns, sounds, and smells while walking through a mall. It's difficult for the viewer to complete just one minute of the video, as the sensory overload becomes just too much to handle. 

Now, imagine dealing with that every single day of your life. 

The aim of this video, and others like it, is to help viewers empathize with those who have autism. Often people on the spectrum will have various coping mechanisms to deal with the sensory overload, like "hand-flapping, rocking, jumping and twirling," and tantrums, which are often misconstrued as intentional misbehavior. 

"Imagine feeling so overloaded that you just couldn't cope,"  The National Autistic Society says on its website. "Imagine the difference it would make if someone showed you a little kindness, rather than judging you as a naughty kid having a meltdown, or a 'weirdo' flapping their hands."

To make a difference and help people with autism and their families, you can donate to or volunteer for the National Autistic Society. 

(H/T: The Huffington Post)


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