Here's How To Make Thrift Store Paintings Come Alive

Thrift store paintings never looked so good.

One man's trash is another man's treasure. But for artist, illustrator and crafter David Irvine, one man's trash can be another man's artistic masterpiece. 

Irvine takes this idiom to heart in his painting series "Re-Directed Art." 

For this series, he scopes out thrift shops, yard sales and curbs for existing unwanted paintings, prints and lithographs. He then takes these works and adds in his own artistic flare with characters, additions to the scene or pop culture icons. Irvine has also been known to turn upcycled ornaments, burn out light bulbs and discarded vinylrecords into art of his own.  

"I see it as a really cool form of upcycling. To take something that is unwanted and tired and give it a renewed life that people thoroughly enjoy, and prevent possible landfill," Irvine told A+ in an email. "It's a series of work that I'll be doing for a very long time." 

Using the name The Gnarled Branch, Irvine sells the revived paintings through his Etsy store, Society 6 and Red Bubble. More of his work can also be seen on his Facebook and Instagram pages. 

Check out some works from the series below: 


H/T Twisted Sifter 

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