27 Years Ago, 3 Young Men Made A Pact To Become Doctors. Today, Their Story Continues To Inspire.

"The pact doesn't end. We're going to be friends for life."

Twenty-seven ago, three young men in Newark, New Jersey made a pact to stick together, go to college, graduate, and become doctors. Not only did they keep their pact, but Drs. Sampson Davis, Rameck Hunt, and George Jenkins, known as "The Three Doctors" went on to write a book about it. 


The Pact, as the book was so aptly titled, which has since inspired three other young men in Fairfield, Alabama.

Trent McMullen, Brendan Jones and Brian Rodgers, students at Restoration Academy, made a similar pact to motivate each other, graduate high school, and go to college after their AP math teacher, Connie Edwards, encouraged them to read The Pact. "It was about three friends who later became doctors," McMullen told WBRC. "They made a pact to hold each other accountable and to help each other through life." 

"They were the youngest in the class of eighth-graders, ninth-graders and maybe tenth-graders, and I just thought if these guys are going to make it they need to stick together," Edwards added. "And I said, 'Guys, what do you think about reading this book together and maybe at the end you could write your own pact?"

The students' pact has helped them stay focused throughout their high school years, especially when faced with AP Calculus their senior year. Rodgers was having difficulty with the class during the first half of the school year and even considered dropping the class to take the regular calculus class instead. "I talked to my friends, and they kept encouraging me," he explained to WBRC. "...I just stuck with it, and my second semester I improved." 

The secret to their success? "It all boils down to hard work," Jones said. "We were taking AP tests every day for the last three months." That hard work paid off when all three members of the pact scored a five on the AP exam — a perfect score. After graduating from high school together, McMullen, Jones, and Rodgers have continued to stick together at The University of Alabama. 

The three friends were recently honored by the three friends who started it all. On May 12, at their 17th annual Gala, The Three Doctors met McMullen, Jones, and Rodgers for the first time. Though both their stories have come full circle, they're far from over. "The pact doesn't end," Jones said. "We're going to be friends for life." 


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