There Are 1,000 Nicki Minaj Cutouts Sitting Outside A Church In Finland. Here's Why.

A special surprise awaits 100 lucky people who find the secret items hidden behind some of the cutouts.

If you happened to be in Helsinki, Finland, today, you probably came across a very interesting sight: 1,000 cardboard cutouts featuring Nicki Minaj, arranged strategically on the steps of Helsinki Cathedral. Was it an elaborate prank? An odd art installation? Nope. The cutouts were placed around Helsinki as part of a guerrilla marketing campaign by the organizers of Summer Up, a major concert Nicki is headlining in the city in the beginning of July. 

There are 1,000 (yes, 1,000) cutouts of the "Anaconda" rapper sitting on the steps of the building — well, they were all sitting there, until fans started taking them home. And with good reason: attached to the backs of 100 of the cutouts are free two-day passes to Summer Up.

Residents of the city have also started a hashtag, #MyNicki, which they've been posting to Instagram and Twitter alongside photos of themselves posing with the cardboard signs. So if you're lucky enough to live in Helsinki, you better snag your cutout fast: Nicki has a lot of fans and the signs will only be in the city until June 30. Queen Nicki herself will be performing at the festival just a few days after that, however, so the good people of Finland will have plenty of chances to hang with their favorite artist (in person or in cardboard).

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