This Dad Takes His Sons' Drawings And Turns Them Into Amazing Anime Artworks

"I’m feeling even closer to my sons thanks to this project."

Thomas Romain is an anime artist based in Tokyo, Japan. He normally spends long hours creating amazing illustrations at his work studio, but he was recently inspired to start drawing at home thanks to his two sons.

Romain told A Plus via email that when he saw some drawings by his 8-year-old and 10-year-old, he decided to start a collaborative project. "I was surprised recently by my kids' drawings. They were very fun and creative," he said, "I wanted to use them as original [inspiration] to create illustrations."


Courtesy of Thomas Romain

Now, Romain is basing his own work on his sons' drawings.

The project has only been going on a little over a month, but has received a huge response online after Romain uploaded side-by-side images of his anime and his sons' artwork on Twitter. Many of the images have been retweeted thousands of times and his account has recently gone viral. 

In addition to earning the family fans, the drawing project has also helped Romain explore different mediums again. He explained to A Plus, "One of my motivations was to work on paper with pencils, markers, and watercolor. I've only worked digitally for several years and I kind of felt nostalgic about the old way I used to draw before I owned a computer. That's an additional challenge because we can't CTRL+Z on paper!"

Courtesy of Thomas Romain

It's also helping him to take his work to a new level. "I was motivated by the fact that as a grown-up designer, I certainly couldn't come up with some of my kids' ideas," he explained, "As a professional designer, I'm used to working with a certain number of recurrent shapes and pattern. But children don't possess this kind of mental visual library and have to find graphic solutions by themselves. Often those solutions are kind of weird or awkward because they don't fully utilize logic or balance."

"By using kids' drawing as original design material to create, I can get results I couldn’t achieved by myself. Besides, it’s super fun to compare the two drawings and look at every details, and see how the original drawing has been interpreted."

What's probably the best thing of all is that the collaborative artwork project is bringing the family closer together.

Romain says, "I'm feeling even closer to my sons thanks to this project. We are collaborating on the same level. I'm taking their drawings very seriously, analyzing them with a professional eye, and making my best to respect their original vision without changing it too much," he adds, "I'm putting myself to their service, as would do an illustrator with clients. The roles are kind of reversed, that's very refreshing — and challenging as an artist as well."

As for what his sons think, Romain says they are thrilled with the results. "They are super happy and proud of the result. And they can be, because they are at the very core of the creation of those images. They find the illustrations very cool, and my older son especially is starting to show interest in the global process of designing characters." 

Romain says that the family will continue to produce their drawings and share them on social media. He also hopes to edit a book with the pieces and to have a small exhibition in Tokyo. He also hopes that he and his sons' artwork inspires people. 

"I hope that people’s creativity will be boosted," he said.

"People tend to like and draw what they already know. I hope that people will be more likely to appreciate original designs. But there is more to look for in this project. This series of drawings clearly reveals the distinction between ideas, creativity on one side, technique, and experience on the other. Both are required to become a good illustrator or designer. It also enlightens children's creativity."

Check out some more of the collaborative artworks below:

(H/T: BuzzFeed)


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