New Yorker Sets Up A 'Date While You Wait' Spot On A Subway Platform To Cheer Up Commuters

Romance on the go.

To most people, the New York City subway is their nemesis. Especially in the summer, when the heat turns this already crowded and dreary place into Satan's armpit. But there's one New Yorker willing to change that and make everyone's commute more fun. 

And more romantic as well. (Wink.)


Meet Thomas C. Knox, a 28-year-old entrepreneur from Staten Island, N.Y., who's been cheering up random commuters with his improvised Date While You Wait spots set up across the city's subway stations.

Knox's first pop-up dating sesh was held on June 17 in the Union Square N, R, Q train station. That day, almost 20 people took part in his fun rendezvous.

His makeshift date corner featured two collapsible chairs, a table with a 'Have A Date While You Wait' sign and some flowers. Knox kept it sweet and simple.

But contrary to what some people think, the goal of Knox's initiative is not to just hit on girls...

'I just want bring positivity to people's subway commute,' Knox told A Plus.

The idea was born after he spoke to some friends and family about their daily commute experiences: 'They all had negative feelings towards that. So I thought I would do something to bring smiles to commuters' faces.'

Knox says he doesn't invite people, but waits until they join him themselves. He asks a few questions about their day and life, but the chitchat can really be about anything.

One of the coolest things Knox has experienced was when he saw a random person on the ferry liking pictures from the first Date While You Wait event on Facebook: 'My mind was blown! I was super thankful and couldn't stop smiling.'

In fact, many were fascinated by Knox's creative idea and took it to social media to express their joy.

People who ran into Knox having impromptu dates on the subway started sharing images with the #DateWhileYouWait hashtag.

'Day was going kind of sh*tty, and then I came across this cute fella at West 4th Street and lost a few games of Connect 4 while waiting for the C train. New York always manages to remind you of its charm at the perfect time,' writes Instagram user ameliamagritte.

'The way to a woman's heart is Connect Four,' writes febsmatic.

Knox's project perfectly shows how easy it is to meet new, interesting people and brighten up someone's day.

Follow Date While You Wait on Facebook and Instagram to learn what subway platform Knox is going to visit next.


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