Guy Who Never Took Singing Classes Has Record Labels Flipping Out Over His Voice

His voice is phenomenal!

Today, it often takes just one YouTube video, one tweet or one hilarious Reddit post to go from "who?" to "oh, THAT guy! I love him!" 

This Brit knows the feeling all too well.

18-year-old Thomas Bleasby from Leeds, England turned into an overnight viral sensation after posting a video of himself singing "Flashlight" along with Grammy-winning pop artist, Jessie J. 

The virtual performance was set up using the Sing! Karaoke app by Smule, a social music-making application developer. The app allows people to record their favorite songs, use a variety of sound effects and share it with the world.

Jessie J joined the app to promote her hit from the movie "Pitch Perfect 2." She recorded her vocals leaving space for fans to contribute their variations. Bleasby didn't hesitate for a second and immediately jammed with his favorite artist.


Listen to their outstanding duet below.

The video received massive support from celebrities and people around the world.

Thomas told BuzzFeed we should really start appreciating the power of social media after the video blew up. "My life's direction has changed," he said.

According to BBC, Bleasby has never taken singing lessons before.

Which is impossible to believe when you listen to his a cappella tunes.

Do what you do, Thomas. We will be keeping an ear out.


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