She Lost Both Arms In Iraq. Now She's Fighting For Veterans.

So powerful.

A courageous new commercial by Kleenex is bringing awareness to the growing problem of veteran PTSD and suicide rates in America.


According to the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, 22 vets commit suicide everyday.

The ad features Mary Dague, a former U.S. Army bomb technician who lost both arms in Iraq.

In an article by Sarah Larson for The New Yorker about veterans telling their stories, Dague talks about the incident that could've killed her.

"I got blown up on November 4, 2007," she said at a gala sponsored by StoryCorps, "We got called out for an I.E.D. that the Iraqi army found. They put it in between a children's school and a housing project, so we couldn't blow it up where it was. Morally, we couldn't blow it up where it was. Legally, we could, but we're not going to do that shit. And after disarming it and packing all the explosives and everything for transport, I was carrying it back to the truck. I laid it in there and it started to rock, so I grabbed it and it detonated." 

It's a simple story of how she reached out to James, a fellow vet, in his time of need...

And how her kindness and sincerity helped in a dark hour.

Watch it for yourself here.

For more from Mary Dague, check out her official Facebook page.

For veteran-run resources on how to help support our troops coming home, please check out The Navy Seals Fund and LZ-Grace. 

(H/T : @DowzerW  and @Joel5326


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