This Talented Transgender Kid Wrote A Powerful Rap About Coming Out That Will Leave You Speechless

Alex is our new hero.

Either kids are becoming braver, or the world is becoming more accepting. Either way this is exceptional.


This is Alex.

Alex is confident. 

Alex has a strong sense of identity.

Alex likes to rap.

Oh, and Alex is transgender.

In this video, filmed at Camp Aranu'tiq ("a safe & fun place for youth who felt like they might not fit in at other camps because of their gender and/or who wanted to be with others like them"), Alex raps about coming out to his mother as transgender. 

He might be a pint-sized rapper, but his rhymes carry some serious weight. Especially, when he raps:

So I went to my mom that hot day in July / with a hope in my heart and a tear in my eye / Basically I said this girl is your son / and I've always felt this way and it hasn't been fun / We sat there together for a little while / I thought she was sad but then I saw her smile 

Way to go, Alex. Rock on with your bad self.

Everyone needs to see Alex's performance. Please share this video by clicking below now.


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