Kentucky Sorority Proudly Accepts First Sister With Down Syndrome

Sisterhood, acceptance, and ... Taylor Swift? Yep.

Sorority Alpha Sigma Alpha's vision is "to cultivate values and ideals in women who are known for their character and concern for others. Alpha Sigma Alpha inspires women to lead, to serve and most of all to make a difference." There's no doubt that the chapter at Murray State University in Kentucky is doing just that.


The group just accepted Alexis Cain, the very first sister with Down syndrome.

Camme Cain

Alexis rushed in August just like any other sorority candidate. According to Vice, once Alexis found ΑΣΑ, she knew it was for her.

She's the first student with Down syndrome to be accepted into Greek life at MSU. Her story is quickly going viral.

We spoke with her mother, Camme Cain, via email about the overall reaction that Alexis and her family have been getting:

"It's wonderful that people are picking up on this, but really, this could have been happening all along if more folks were on board with accepting others with a disability," Mrs. Cain says, adding, "They all are human beings and are basically just like everyone else. Overall, everyone has been very kind about comments and sharing the videos and posts. I hope that other universities will be encouraged to start programs like this so that other people with disabilities will be able to experience this, too."

Brad, Alexis, and Camme Cain. Camme Cain Facebook

Aside from Alexis' confidence, one common interest in particular helped her bond with her new sisters ...

Her mom elaborates:

"We have a great student body and the sorority that she ultimately chose accepted her for who she is, not her disability. They saw her genuine love, her sassy spirit and naturally, their love of alllll things Taylor Swift ... yeah, its like an epidemic!"

Camme Cain.

As for her newfound fame, Alexis is said to be taking it all in stride.

Mrs. Cain tells us that Alexis' "friends are teasing her about it and saying you're gonna be as famous as Taylor Swift! [Who] is her dream in life to meet along with Nick Jonas, of course!"

MSU President Robert Davies and Alpha Sigma Alpha sister Alexis Cain. Camme Cain

As for the future? Continuing the ΑΣΑ vision of making a difference.

Mrs. Cain writes: "My hope is that she is going to love this semester participating with her new sisters and all they are, and she will graduate in December. From there, we are toying with the idea of opening a business ... Alexis knew many of the girls before she joined, having been involved in different things like Best Buddies and Special Olympics and those [are] just a few of the philanthropic areas that ASA promotes." 

We're sure that she'll be successful in whatever it is she does.

Camme Cain.

Many thanks to Camme Cain for photo permissions and for taking the time to answer our questions. We reached out to Alexis, but were unable to secure a comment.

Congratulations to Alexis and Alpha Sigma Alpha.


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