This Baby Rhino's Mom Was Killed By Poachers, But Now He Has A New Pal

Say hello to Little G and Lammie.

Meet Gertjie (the rhinoceros) and Lammie (the goat), residents of the Hoedspruit Endangered Species Centre in South Africa.

Here you see Gertjie trying his best to gambol like Lammie...something he probably won't be able to do without shaking the Earth as he grows up.


Gertjie, or "Little G" as he's known around the HESC, is an orphan. He was found next to his mother, who had been butchered by poachers. He's become quite the can watch him on live cam here. That's a screen grab above of Little G sleeping, taken just now.

For more information on the HESC, check out their website

To help save Rhinos, please visit Save The Rhino.

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