Puppy Training To Be A Police Dog Gets Charged With First Degree Cuteness Because He Doesn't Fit In His K-9 Vest Yet

Caught.. being adorable.

German shephard puppy Tuco is training to be in the Boston Police Department's K-9 Unit. But before he can go on duty, he has some growing up to do. 


The photo, posted by Massachusetts' non-profit organization Vest-A-Dog, shows BPD dog handler Troy Caisey fitting Tuco into a bulletproof vest that is way too big for the tiny pup. 

Caisey told Boston Magazine he recieved Tuco from a friend, and is now planning to train him to be a "work dog" if the puppy proves obedient enough. 

"It depends on the dog and how he matures," Caisey told the magazine. "I'm doing foundation work with him now, and in a couple of months I'll know if he will make it as a work dog, and when he will start his formal training. I'm doing little things with him now, but no formalized training will start until later."

The picture of Tuco trying on his future K-9 vest was meant for Vest-A-Dog's 2015 calandar of police canines, but went viral after being posted to Reddit. And now everyone in the entire universe is saying "awww" in unison. 

The proceeds from the calandar's sales will go towards outfitting more police dogs with bulletproof K-9 vests and other needed equipment for when they respond to calls. 

Cover image via We Heart It.


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