Photographer Captures The Most Intimate Moments Of His Family Life Only To Remind Us Of A Carefree Childhood

Simply stunning.

No student loans to pay off, no taxes to declare, in fact, even no laundry to do. Just endless hours of freedom and joy. 

That's how one's childhood should look like.

Alain Laboile, an Arbis-based French photographer and also a father of six, captures the carefree childhoods of his own kids on film. Laboile's work tells a beautiful story of being a kid, from running around the back yard to cuddling with siblings.

Now we understand so much better why Peter Pan didn't want to grow up.


The artist started his career as a sculptor. As Laboile explains on his website, he got himself a camera back in 2004 when he needed to put together a portfolio of his sculpture work.  

Soon enough he was snapping photos of his growing family, which became one of the main focuses of his work.

Laboile's series titled "La Famille" ("The Family" in French) features his own family's daily life in rural France. He explains the idea behind the project more in detail on LensCulture:

I celebrate and document my family life: a life on the edge of the world, where in-temporality and the universality of childhood meet. Day to day I create a family album that constitues a legacy that I will pass on to my children. My work reflects our way of life, revolving around their childhood. 

Though my work is deeply personal, it is also accessible, addressing human nature and allowing the viewer to enter my world and reflect on their own childhoods.

Whoa. What can be more beautiful than a carefree childhood of that sort?

We'd be lying by saying that we don't want to move to the most remote part of France and run around in complete freedom ourselves. Just to relive our childhood once more.

If you liked the artist's work as much as we did make sure to share it with your friends (and family).

Laboile also has a book coming out featuring "La Famille" series. You can pre-order it here.


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