This Photograph Is NOT What It Seems

This will break your brain.

Look closely at this image.

It appears to be four separate pictures joined together, right? 

Except it's not. It's one photograph—a fiendishly clever illusion produced through the precise arrangement of the objects in the scene.

Stare at it for a while and try to figure out what is actually going on—pay attention to the inside edges—and then watch the video at the end to see how the objects were arranged to effect the illusion.


Here's the video of how it was made.

Australian photographer Bela Borsodi created this trippy image for the cover of the album Terrain by Texas jam band VLP (short for Vince Lujan Project). Go to Bela Borsodi's website to see more of his work, and share this with your friends by clicking below.

Source: Bela Borsodi


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