She's Not Your Typical Model, But She's Willing To Bare All To Make One Powerful Statement

"Beauty was always more of a feeling and a state of being."

New York City-based art and fashion model Melanie Gaydos is not afraid to get a little undressed for Style Like U's "What's Underneath Project" that aims to redefine beauty by bringing attention to what's on the inside.  

According to Style Like U's website, Gaydos not only suffers from a genetic disorder known as ectodermal dysplasia that effects the dermal layer of skin (pores, hair, teeth and nails), but also comes from an alcoholic family and has experienced abuse as well as suicidal thoughts. 

In an on-camera interview with the site, Gaydos reveals how she worked through some of her insecurities to arrive at a place where she finally feels comfortable in her own skin.  


"I love modeling; it's a time for me to be completely open. It's a therapeutic process for me," says Gaydos in the video above. "I've always thought of myself beyond all of the beauty standards. I never thought I was beautiful, but I also never thought I was ugly. For me, beauty was always more of a feeling and a state of being." 

Gaydos' inner strength and beauty emanates through, making her gorgeous inside and out. 

Just check out some of Gaydos' incredible modeling photographs from her Facebook for proof (as if you need more proof): 

H/T Upworthy 

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