Unbearable Life In A Former Bomb Shelter In China Just To Chase His One True Dream

Never stop chasing your dreams.

We all have dreams. Of course, some people might think they're silly or even unrealistic. Well, we believe that no one has the right to label them, and we intend to practice our right to chase them. No matter what.

Having dreams is one of those universal things that unite human beings around the world. Take this video portrait as an example. Co-published by Creative Time Reporters and Al Jazeera America, it gives us an intimate look into the life of the so-called "Rat Tribe" in China.

You might have a lot more in common with a person half around the globe than you would initially think.


Meet Zhang Xi, a 21-year-old Mongolian.

He moved to Beijing 3 years ago to follow his dream.

Even though he majored in theater and dancing in college, today he works as a street peddler at night...

...and sells Buddhist trinkets to earn extra cash.

Xi is one among hundreds of thousands of immigrants in China who live in "basement rooms."

Which are actually former bomb shelters.

People living in these facilities are often referred to as "The Rat Tribe."

These shelters are the only housing many of them can afford.

You might ask why Xi chooses this life when he could simply move back to Mongolia and earn a decent living there.

The answer is simple.

"Here's what I'd say: men are their dreams," Xi explains.

"I don't feel like going home. I'm not going home unless I become somebody."

Even if things get really rough.

Watch the video below for Xi's whole story.

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