Korean Baseball Player Hits Two-Run Homer And The Ultimate Bat Flip

They do things differently in Korea. And it's awesome.

Jung Hoon plays for the Lotte Giants in the Korean Baseball Organization. In a recent game against the SK Wyverns, Hoon crushed a pitch deep into the green recesses of the stands and then turned his bat into a parade baton, all but burying it in the field. It was the ultimate bat flip.

You see, every sport has its victory gestures. Football players will spike the ball after a touchdown. Boxers and MMA fighters raise their hands in victory. Runners break the finish line tape. You get the picture.

Baseball, however, has its own very particular WIN move: the bat flip. A hitter will smash a fastball deep into the stands (or the San Francisco Bay, if you're at Giants Stadium), watch it disappear, and then carelessly flip his bat away. It's less a victory dance than a "yeah, THAT JUST HAPPENED" gesture: pure, dismissive, and completely casual, an IDGAF move to precede a light jog around the diamond.


Some guys, however...

...are more casual than others.

It's not a tradition seen in its full glory in America, but in South Korea, it's a different beast entirely. 

Hoon's two-run homer brought the score to 3-1 with Giants leading in the 8th, then winning the game. 

It was the bat flip heard 'round the world.

Check out Hoon's 2-run hit and bat flip here:

Maybe more players need to do the Korean-style bat flip.

Then again, maybe not.

(H/T: SBNation)

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