This Kid Wrote A Horror Story That Is Legitimately Bone-Chilling

Don't read this if you want to sleep tonight.

"The Story of Lisa" by Sunny Schreiner.


This is Lisa. She is my friend. My mom and dad cant see her so they sed she is an imaganery friend. Lisa is a nice friend.

Today I tried to plant a flower in the yard. I tried to plant it by the sandbox but Lisa said thats where her daddy is sleeping so I plantd in a cup of dert.

Lisa is at school with me today. I brot her for show and tell but Mrs. Monroe got angry becase she can't see Lisa. Lisa got sad so she hid the chockbord eraser.

Yesterday was my birthday party. Mom bought pizza but no one came. Lisa said people came on the porch and then left. But they left presents. I got 3 barbies and some shooes and 5 dollars. Me and Lisa played Barbies.

Mrs. Monroe is apsent today. Our supstatoot is named Mrs. Digman. She is pretty and nice and is letting us have snack time after diary time. I wish Mrs. Digman can stay our teacher.

Today Jonnathin Parker stole my pencil sack. Mrs. Digman couldnt find it so she maide him give me his pencils. Lisa came to school too but Mrs. Digman can't see her but she said she beleives that Lisa is real.

Yesterday Lisa and me went on a long walk until the moon came out. Daddy got realy mad and said Lisa is stupid and fake. Lisa got sad and disapeered. Today she didn't come to school but Mrs. Digman said Mrs. Monroe won't come back.

Daddy was at work all day yesterday. He didn't even come home to eat dinner. Today he is still at work. Mom packed me a pudding in my lunch today. Pudding is my favorite.

I miss Lisa. Daddy is really busy at work. He didn't come home at the weekend. Mom is angry at him. I'm going to write a letter for Lisa.

Dear Lisa, I miss you. Please come back. I'm sorry when my dad was mean. You are my best friend.

Lisa came back yesterday. She said sorry for leaving and I told her my dad won't come home. Lisa said Mrs. Monroe and him are sleeping like her dad. I hope they wake up soon.

Written by: Sunny Schreiner.

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