This Is What Alcohol Does To Your Body

Hint: good for the brain, bad for the boobs.

If you've ever watched "Cougar Town," you're well aware of the insane amounts of wine Courtney Cox's character and her "cul-de-sac crew" consume every day.

So when we came across this infographic by health website Prevention about how alcohol affects our bodies, there wasn't even a shadow of doubt that we'd accompany it with some solid drinking-related "Cougar Town" gifs.

Pour a glass of vino and enjoy.


Alcohol might be just what the doctor ordered for your pancreas, but it might be less than beneficial for your breasts.

Moderate consumption of alcohol helps you fight heart disease, but may depress immunity.

It might save you from kidney diseases, but it could cause your vitamin A levels to drop.

A little sip before a meal will save you from overeating, but it has negative effects elsewhere in the digestive system.

Your creative genius will enjoy getting a little bit tipsy, but your gums won't.

So, that's that. Let us know what you think in the comments. For more interesting stuff about our bodies, check out this post: "This Is Your Body.. On Sex."

(via Prevention)

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