This Is What Happens When You Wear A Speedo On An Airplane

The FBI was not amused.

Travel restrictions these days are tighter than ever. Shoes off. Laptops in the bins. No liquids over 3oz. All of which makes flying a chore. Not to mention those cramped seats in cattle class and the dwindling generosity of the airlines where snacks and drinks are concerned.

Which is why French comic and well-known prankster Jerome Jarre decided to inject some whimsy and silliness into the drudgery of air travel with his latest stunt. 

Sneaking into the bathroom midway through a flight from Mexico to Miami, the fearless jokester changed into speedos and strutted around the cabin naked but for his tiny swinsuit and an inflatable duck. 

What happens to him is hilarious at first, but when the authorities got involved...well, just watch and see.


Speedo travel.

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Source: Jerome Jarr


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