Woman Changes The Life Of Homeless Man Who Sat On Corner For Three Years Waiting For His Mother

This is Victor.

A Texas woman reached out to change the life of a 32-year-old homeless man living with mental illness after hearing his heartbreaking story.

Yahoo News reports that business owner Ginger Sprouse would drive past Victor Hubbard four times a day for three years as he sat on a patch of rough grass outside a small strip mall at the intersection of El Camino Real and Nasa Road in Houston. Curious about the man, Sprouse began visiting Hubbard on her lunch break and discovered that the corner was the last place he had seen his mother over three years ago. He remained there waiting for her to return.


In an interview with MyBayArea Radio, Sprouse described the genesis of their friendship. "I began to get more and more concerned as I knew winter was coming and I thought, 'So what's going to happen now?' So he and I started talking about maybe how would he feel about sometimes coming to my house to get out of the bad weather, and that's how we started."

She started a Facebook page called This Is Victor to introduce him by name to the community surrounding him: a way of destigmatizing him and reminding others that he too, has a story. 

Since then, Sprouse has helped him get medical attention and mental health care and gave him a job at Art of the Meal, her cooking school in Clear Lake, Texas. 

According to KHOU, his Facebook page eventually attracted the attention of Hubbard's uncle who helped him reunite with his mother earlier this month. "I got to talk to her and I really feel like I accomplished something, " Hubbard said.

Sprouse has also raised over $18,000 for him in a GoFundMe campaign.

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