Who Better To Give Life Advice Than The Cast Of The Emotional Show ‘This Is Us’?

"We all want to experience something."

NBC's hit show This Is Us has tackled a variety of life issues and we think it's safe to say that in doing so, they have made a huge impact on viewers.

Now, three stars from the show — Milo Ventimiglia, Mandy Moore, and Justin Hartley — teamed with Glamour magazine to give random strangers advice via Twitter. 

"Why do I continue watching This Is Us when I know it's just going to result in a lot of tears followed by an hour of googling Milo Ventimiglia?" the first person asks. 


"That doesn't sound so bad to me! Right?" Moore responds, laughing alongside her co-stars. 

"That's actually me asking that question," Hartley jokes. 

But then Ventimiglia gets real: "I think we do it because we all want to feel," he says. "We all want to experience something. We all want to see that our lives are not too dissimilar from characters on the show."

Afterward, people ask questions regarding everything from the show, to dating and finding a soulmate. 

"When, where and how do you find your soulmate? Asking for a friend," one Twitter user asks. 

"I think when you're not looking," Hartley says. 

"Or maybe where you least expect it," Moore adds. "I think if you're open to the possibility wherever it may find you, it can happen."

Overall, we think the cast has given us some great advice and insight, so without further ado, check out their full video below: 


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