The 'This Is Us' Cast Joined 'Billy On The Street' For A Segment That Was Equal Parts Awkward And Adorable

"If Mandy Moore can have a primetime hit, I want a detective series with Michelle Branch."

The This Is Us cast took to the busy sidewalks of New York City for a knee-slapping episode of Billy on the Street, marking the first time host Billy Eichner was joined by multiple cast members from the same show. With most of the cast present — we missed you, Sterling K. Brown — there were lots of laughs during this both adorable and awkward excursion.

Along for the ride with the Difficult People star were Mandy Moore, Milo Ventimiglia, Chrissy Metz, and Justin Hartley. They met people who weren't caught up on the show, some who didn't even know what the show was, and those who promised to binge-watch it next — just to name a few. That said, there were some really stand-out moments that will certainly make you LOL.

One older woman said she loves the show, can't wait for season 2, and absolutely thinks Moore deserves an Emmy. However, Eichner is left with no other option but to yell and run away when the lady hesitates to answer whether or not she considers the show as one of her favorites.

Another person, this time a young man, tries to prove he knows what the show is by saying "it's a new show coming out" — to which Eichner loudly reminds him that the show is already out. That's when the guy cuts the chit-chat and asks Moore if she's single. "I'm Mandy, hi. I'm not single," Moore responds. The guy, totally nonchalantly, just replies that he had to ask.

There's another man who said he was happy to meet the cast but showed almost no emotion at all — because he said there's "lots of amazing people in the street" — and another woman who doesn't watch the show because she has important things to do like going to the museum.

"If Mandy Moore can have a primetime hit, I want a legal drama with India.Arie," he tells one man later on in the clip. And then, to a passing woman, he adds: "If Mandy Moore can have a primetime hit, I want a detective series with Michelle Branch."

Toward the end, Eichner leaves us — and one super confused person — with one question: "If This Is Us who is Suits?" Good luck on not scratching your head with that mind-bending line, folks.


Check out the full clip here:


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