You Think Your Winters Get Pretty Rough? Watch This Canadian Man Try To Escape His Own House


We often hear Canadians say that they get pretty heavy winters. Judging by this video uploaded a couple days back by the Youtuber DCompose, they're not kidding.

The video was shot in Dieppe, Canada, and shows DCompose trying to leave his house — or really, crawl out of his house would be a more apt description. When the front door no longer seems like an option, he tries to get out through his garage door, without much luck.

Watch the entire video below to see what tricks mother nature can sometimes play on us.


OK. So leaving the house might be a tad challenging.

Didn't get all that far now, did we?

Hmmm... We get it, driving is also not an option.

Watch the entire video below.

We do hope that all Canadians are doing well and have enough canned food stored in their house this winter.

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