Photographer Snaps Photos Of Millennials Who Are Forced To Move Back In With Their Parents Because Of Student Loans

Guess who's back.

Generally speaking, the millennial dream is to move out of your parents' house, shove off to college, get your sheepskin, and start your own independent life after graduation.

Unfortunately for many millennials, that's not the case. After graduating and coming face to face with student loans — and often hefty credit card balances — a big share of these kids have no choice but to move back in with their parents. Or, as these kids are sometimes called: "Boomerang Kids."

Damon Casarez, a Los Angeles-based editorial photographer, set out to document the life of millennials in his project titled "Boomerang Kids."

"The project started because it was my own story," Casarez told A+. "I went to a private art school for photography and amassed around 150k in debt. I was off to a great start in my last 6 months of school, working as an assistant and doing small editorial jobs, sometimes missing class to work. After graduating, I hit a slow spot with work about 8 months out, and my loan payments started coming in every month, which were about twice as much as my rent."

The only option Casarez had at that time was to put his independent life on hold and move back in with his folks. This is when the idea for the project was born.

Scroll down to see the lives of the Boomerang Generation as captured by Casarez. The project was originally commissioned by the New York Times Magazine, which featured photos of Boomerang Kids along with short descriptions of each of them.


Annie Kasinecz, 27.

Annie majored in Advertising and Public Relations. She currently works as a project coordinator.
Loans: $75,000

Jacqueline Boubion, 30.

Jacqueline has a BA in Communications. She currently works as a production assistant for commercials and music videos.
Student loans: $0
Credit-card debt: $22,000 

Robert Shane Ellis, 29.

Robert majored in Asian Humanities. He is currently looking for voiceover work.
Loans: $10,000

Monica Navarro, 24.

Lila Ash, 24.

Lila majored in Painting. She currently is a decorative finisher for an interior designer.
Loans: $25,000

Ari Hoque, 22.

Harry has a BA in Economics. He currently works for a rental car company.
Loans: $12,000

Mikey Billings, 29.

Mikey majored in Film Studies. He currently works part-time at a Malt Shop.
Loans: $80,000

Alexandria Romo, 28.

Gabriel Gonzalez, 22.

Gabriel majored in Graphic Design. He currently works as a graphic designer and production assistant.
Student Loans: $130,000

This certainly gives us some food for thought when it comes to the education system.

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(H/T: Elite Daily, New York Times)


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