This Instagram Account Is Hitting Back At The Idea That Dads Aren't Involved Parents

"I Don't Babysit. I Parent."

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Moms are often the focus of parenting conversation, leaving dads feeling a little left out.  But the truth is there are plenty of fathers who are incredibly nurturing to their children. One Instagram page called Don't Forget Dad is breaking the stigma and celebrating wonderful and loving fathers of the world. 


The social media account is filled with images of beautiful and emotional moments dads have with their kids. Traditionally, fathers are expected to be stoic and tough, but it's not a true reflection of the dads who have no problem being adorably mushy and affectionate with their family. 

While motherhood is a great big deal on its own, we can't forget about how important fatherhood is too. Minimizing dads' role in families creates inequality that can hurt both dads and moms. For example, until recently, you'd be hard-pressed to find changing tables in men's restrooms like you could in a women's restroom. This left the responsibility of changing of a baby's diaper solely to the mom. Additionally, paternity leave is rarely paid and usually only offers a short time off. 

Parenthood is a team effort and there shouldn't be any rules that discourage moms or dads from supporting and loving their children the way they want to. Not every dad is a stoic and unfeeling patriarch like we see on TV — there are so many dads out here who embrace their sensitivity and aren't afraid of doing fun things like playing dress-up. Also, not every dad is a workaholic— some are stay-at-home parents. Rejecting stereotypes of what a father should be leaves room for acceptance and appreciation.

Check out some of our favorite dads doing the dad-thing.

1. This dad who redefined #SquadGoals.

2. This dad who knew the perfect attire for a fairy tea-party.

3. This dad who's getting his little one's selfie game on point early.

4. This dad who takes his commitment and fashion choices very seriously.

5. These dads who can't contain their excitement over their new arrival.

6. This dad who also happens to be the best hairstylist in the world.

7. This dad who basically invented nap time.

8. This dad who knows sharing is caring.

9. This dad who wants nothing more than to see his baby girl soar.

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