This Rescue Goat Feels Safest When Sporting Her Duck Costume

The outside world can be a scary place.

We've all developed the ways that make leaving our houses every morning a little easier. Some people create gifs to fight their phobias. Some people just need to use that choice word they've been holding in all day. 

But for one goat, the best way to take on the world is under the bill of her duck costume.


Polly, a six-month-old goat, lives at a rescue center in New Jersey, Goats of Anarchy, that is dedicated to rehabilitating goats with special needs. Polly, who is partially blind and has been diagnosed with anxiety, is prone to high-strung moments and the occasional freak out. Leanne Lauricella, founder of the nonprofit, used to swaddle Polly with a blanket until she bought a yellow duck costume for the goat for Halloween. Polly was immediately sold. 

Lauricella said she quickly saw how the costume soothed Polly. The costume makes Polly so relaxed that Lauricella is able to take Polly with her while she runs errands. "As soon as I swaddle her or put her duck coat on, she's out like a light! I bet every parent wishes their kids behaved this well in the store!" she writes. 

The humans at Goats of Anarchy aren't sure of the exact reason Polly loves the costume so much, but believe because the garment hugs the goat's body, she feels safe and enveloped. 

The duck isn't Polly's only costume. Check out Polly dressed up as a pea and ready for trick-or-treating.

And another goat on the farm dressed as a cowboy.

Find all the best looks of all the goats at Goats of Anarchy on their Instagram.

A Plus reached out to Goats of Anarchy for comment.


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