This Elephant Herd Welcoming A Newborn Baby To The World Is Heartwarming

Elephant birthday party!

Last December, Emily, an orphan elephant nursed to adulthood at The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust in Nairobi, Kenya, returned to the Voi stockades there and gave birth to a healthy female calf named Emma under the amazed eyes of the elephants and humans assembled there.

Emily, the Trust writes, "has once again rewritten her story by amazing us further in choosing to share such an intimate moment, seldom witnessed by anyone, with those who she trusts and loves, her human Keepers. Emily knew that in their company she and her calf would remain safe from predators and because elephants never forget she will always love and trust the Keepers who have played such an important role in saving her life. "


But check this out: Baby elephants have what you might think of as birthday parties.

According to the Elephant Information Repository, as soon as an elephant calf is born, other females of the herd, who attend the birth, begin trumpeting. We see the other elephants gently rolling the the calf in the dust — the equivalent of a bath for the newborn pachyderm — and then help the baby to rise on all four legs. This is necessary because in order to drink its mother's milk, the calf must be able to stand.

Watch this elephant's birth and first steps below. It's truly amazing.

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