Your Phobias Can Be Overcome: Let This Dog Show You How

Queso has a unique phobia that he deals with in his own special way.

YouTuber Rhiannon Hamam's dog Queso has quite a collection of interesting phobias.

"Queso," she writes in the video's description, "is afraid of lots of things, like the kitchen floor, the printer, and doorways. But Queso is a survivor! He deals with his fear of walking into a room (terrifying!) by walking in backwards."

We think Queso's adaptation to his doorway-phobia is instructive and hope you do, too. You may not be able to face your fears head-on yet, but by easing yourself into fearful situations, you may be able to get a start on them. 

H/T: Rhiannon Hamam on YouTube.

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