Humans Shouldn't Be Able To Do What This Jenga Player Just Did

You won't believe your eyes.

As logical, well-reasoned people who have had the benefit of a 7th grade science class, here are some things we know to be true about the universe: 

1) For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.

2) Objects in motion stay in motion unless acted on by another force.

3) You can't, you just completely and absolutely can't swipe a Jenga block out from underneathan unstable tower of blockswithout that tower then crashing down around you. The laws of Jenga physics forbid it.

Yet the video above exists, a video that captures the greatest challenge of our time and everything we know about the physical world — and the block-based party games within it

Watch it and tell us what you think of that swipe. Because, wow.

Cover image via Indypendenz / Shutterstock.


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