This Kid Is Becoming An Older Brother. His Reaction Is Amazing

Merry Christmas, kid.

The best Christmas gifts are the ones that make you happy and have some kind of deeper emotional pull. Based on this video, a young boy named Ethan received a gift that accomplished both of those things when he learned that he's going to be a big brother.

According to the video's description, Ethan has wanted to be an older brother for years. This year, his wish finally came true. He got a card for Christmas, and inside was a "note" from his soon-to-be younger sibling.

The moment when Ethan realizes what's going on is spectacular. He audibly gasps and gets the biggest smile you'll see this holiday season on his face. Ethan then tries to form a coherent sentence, but he can't, because he's just so happy.

"I can't believe this," Ethan says as he's laughing and fighting back tears.

Merry Christmas, Ethan. You won't have a little sister for a few months, but it's obvious that you're going to be an amazing older brother.



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