At First We Thought These Were Just Photographs. Then We Looked Closer.

Unlike anything you've seen before

How to Disappear Completely


Chinese artist Liu Bolin is master of disguise who has perfected the art of invisibility. His ingenious works place human subjects (usually himself) at the center of the scene, where he paints them into the background with such astounding skill as to renders the bodies almost completely invisible. 

He's won worldwide renown for his innovative and eye-catching installations; two of his most famous exhibitions are aptly titled "The Invisible Man" and "Hiding in the City." 

Scroll down to see some of Bolin's astonishing creations. 


Be sure to visit Liu Bolin's webpage to see more of his work. All images courtesy of Klein Sun Gallery, ©Liu Bolin. Also, check out Liu Bolin's facebook page and his page at the Klein Sun Gallery.

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