Thanks To Quick Thinking And His New CPR Skills, This Third-Grader Saved His Mom After She Fell Unconscious

“I just gotta do CPR. I mean, I learned it."

A third-grade boy became a local hero after he kept his mother alive by administering CPR.

Dimitri Meram — from San Carlos, Calif. — was at the beach with his mom when she was trying to get her son out of their van. But after her head hit the door, she fell on the ground unconscious.


Luckily, Dimitri had learned CPR at school thanks to a partnership between San Diego Unified School District and the American Heart Association. That was thanks to a $100,000 grant the school received that certified teachers so they could teach their students the valuable skill.

"I just gotta do CPR. I mean, I learned it," Dimitri told Fox 5.

"Your lifesaving efforts and your quick action to administer CPR was instrumental in saving your mother's life," Meram's teacher told him during a ceremony at the Green Elementary School.

It's good Dimitri acted so swiftly. After the incident, his mother spent five days in the hospital in a coma and remembered nothing from the incident. That was until she woke up and her husband told her that her son had actually kept her alive.

"I'm incredibly proud of him," Dimitri's mother said to the local Fox station. "He truly is my special angel. The second he was born, he got his little finger out of the incubator and grabbed my hand. Just a very special connection."


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