Women Discuss Their Periods With No Shame, Because, Duh, There's No Shame In Being On Your Period

"We bleed for female empowerment."

Let's talk about periods. Yes. PERIODS. About half of the world's population bleed once a month for roughly 35 years. It's one the most natural processes the female body goes through, and yet there's still a lot of stigma surrounding it.

Talking about your period openly is kinda taboo.

That's why THINX, a company that makes period-proof underwear, made a short video asking women to talk about their time of the month. In the video, THINX co-founder Miki Agrawal sits down with a bunch of women, including actresses Sophia Bush, Jackie Tohn and Joy Bryant, to have an open and shame-free conversation about periods — for a change.


"So I found out that the word 'taboo' actually stems from a root word 'tapua'..." explains Agrawal.

"And 'tapua' means menstruation."

That alone says a whole lot.

"We are [...] taught to feel ashamed of it, because the conversation about it always starts with hushed tones. And it's something boys have to go away for," Sophia Bush says.

"When I need a tampon and a girl is like... sliding it to me," Tohn laughs.

"I will almost invariably go 'thank you, sweetheart' and walk away with my tampon-cigar. Because... stop being embarassed."

As part of the video, Agrawal also travels to Uganda to talk to girls and women about the stigma attached to periods. It's a global problem, really.

Make sure to watch the entire video below.


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