14 Things That Prove You're A Kid At Any Age

And they're cheaper than drinking, except #6.

There are some parts of our childhood that we just can't give up, even though we might conceive of them as somehow outside the range of acceptable "grown-up" tastes. 

But so what? Adult life can be tiresome and stressful. There are bills to pay and internet service providers to fight with; relationship struggles and, of course, one's J-O-B. We should take comfort wherever we can. Even if it's with the following:


1. Gummy vitamins.

But just so you know, eating more gummy vitamins than recommended don't make you any healthier.

2. Teddy bears.

A study found that a full 35% of British adults still sleep with a teddy bear. 

3. Blowing bubbles.

Bubbles are amazing, ok?

4. Making snow angels

What is it about snow that just makes you want to jump in it?

5. Disney movies.

Walt Disney knew a thing or two about the human spirit. 

6. Disneyland.

Still the happiest place on earth. The prices are certainly grown-up.

7. Eating cake batter/frosting/cookie dough

No salmonella fear can ever triumph over the sheer, simple joy of licking a spatula covered in cake batter. Why else bake?

8. Blankies.

The world is a harsh place: find your security wherever you can.

9. Bubble gum.

Kind of gross, really.

10. Harry Potter.

The Harry Potter books and movies formed a solid portion of the literary/cultural framework for an entire generation's childhood. Beyond that, however, they were also widely lauded by adult fans, eventually even finding a home in academia. In other words, you are NEVER too old for Harry Potter.

11. Punk.

There's still something compelling about the intersection of sneering nihilism, adolescent angst, and fatal idealism, even long after you "sell out" and trade your spikes and boots for an Audi and a mortgage. It's not just nostalgia. Or maybe it is.

12. Hello Kitty.

Ever-popular, the Hello Kitty phenomena isn't going anywhere anytime soon. The strongest indicator of this came earlier this year in the worldwide confusion when Sanrio stated that Hello Kitty is not, in fact, a cat. However, as we reported, that isn't right, either.

13. Lego.

When confronted with Lego, it's impossible not to start building stuff. 

14. Swings.

Swings are awesome. That is all you need to know.


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