Things You Should Never Do On A First Date According To The Internet

Isn't that obvious?

When it comes to how you should act on a first date, some things are obvious. You should brush your teeth and you probably shouldn't talk about your ex. 

Pretty simple, right?

But of course nothing is ever that simple. According to Reddit, there's a few more things that you should never do on a first date

If you're hoping to go out on a second date, try your very best and avoid the following:


1. Playing with your phone.

"If you can't make it a couple hours without looking at your facebook/instagram you can assume that either A) you and your date aren't compatible, or B) your phone habits are hurting your social skills," said Reddit user PRAISEninJAH.


2. Eating messy foods, especially spaghetti or soup.

The Reddit user who suggested avoiding spaghetti along with ribs and corn on the cob boiled it down to "don't order any food and just eat the bread and drink water."

At least it would make things simpler when it comes to paying the bill.

3. Scheduling your first date around a holiday.

Many agree that a first date anywhere from five days before a holiday to the day of a holiday is a no-no, especially Valentine's Day. Avoid at all costs if possible.

4. Getting drunk.

This one really goes without saying. Who knows what you might do or say?

Even if your first date is unbearable, avoid the booze. You'll thank us later.

5. Planning a movie date.

By listillt63I8's standards, "You need to go somewhere you can talk and get to know each other, not sit next to each other in a dark room filled with others for 2.5 hours."

On the other hand, several other Reddit users suggested that going to a movie for a first date is a good idea. "Movie, then dinner and drinks. The movie breaks the ice, since it gives you something to talk about," said thiscontent.

Fair point.

6. Talking about politics, religion, or any weird hobbies.

Even if you think you know how to win a political argument, avoid it.

Reddit user halello also advises never to "show off your neo-Nazi tattoos." 

Is there really any way that could have gone well on a first date?

7. Googling your date.

It's one thing if you search them on Facebook and see if you have any mutual friends, but stay away from googling them. 

Brewbaron admitted to doing this and suddenly he went from reading about his date to reading their parents' academic papers.

8. Mentioning you went to the Internet, specifically Reddit, for advice.

Telling your date that you have a lot of karma or that you moderate a subreddit means nothing. Unless of course you're on a date with someone who works for Reddit. Then of course by all means brag about how your question on AskReddit was one of the most popular ones.

9. Planning a date around an activity you know little about.

Reddit user Give_Em_The_Boot planned an ice skating trip despite having no idea how to ice skate. 

"Reading the Wikihow article half an hour before hand will not help you," he said. "I speak from experience."

10. Discussing custody issues or child support.

When a date mentions child support Corey307 says, "it's an indicator that there's major drama ahead."

And while the question of when you should introduce your kids to your new partner is often debated, one thing is for sure — you definitely shouldn't be bringing up any related issues on the first date. 

11. Proposing.

Not everyone believes in love at first sight.

Cover photo via Tord Sollie.


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